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► The LazerDry Range

Manufactured entirely in France using the latest cutting-edge technologies:

  • Laser cutting
  • Heat sealed
  • Ultrasound

The LazerDry range is the result of 15 years of innovation and research and is top of our range in terms of technicality, ergonomics and research, to bring peak performance.



► The Technologys

LazerTech is a system used for cutting textiles.
LAZERTECH Technology allows for a clean cut
without the need for extra seams.
In December 2014, Raidlight-Vertical launched
Outdoor INO-FAB, a production area
dedicated to new “Made in France”
technology as an independent company.

The compression fabric is completely
form fitting giving you a second
skin feeling with zero irritation,
leaving you with nothing to focus on except your goal.

In 2009, Raidlight launched a unique range,
100% designed and made in France.
These high end sports products combine comfort,
eco-responsibility and social values.

► The principle features

  • Light:
    • LazerTech technology gives a simple cut with no extra fabric.
    • Gives a sharp, accurate cut.

  • Comfort:
    • The seam assembly via heat sealing gives a smooth, soft finish, unlike bulky traditional seams.
    • Reduced friction and increased comfort.
    • The material is especially designed to be form fitting via body-mapping.

  • Performance:
    • The design of the products is geared entirely towards our first passion: Trail Running.
    • Every detail in the design is intrinsically planned and thought out for performance, enabling you to surpass your targets.
    • The Double Stretch Compression Fabric improves blood circulation during prolonged exercise.
    • RdryW² technology is quick drying meaning less friction.