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Raidlight is the only brand to have developed a range of equipment specifically designed for desert racing, drawing from our own experiences and many years dedicated to the development of products adapted to this environment. This guide is the perfect choice to help prepare you to compete in these extraordinary events.

Raidlight, official sponser and equipment provider of the MDS 2015 winner Rachid El Morabity,
two time winner of MDS 2014-2015 and the l'Oman Désert Marathon 2013 et 2014


► The equipment list:

► Clothing:

  • Tyvek Jacket + Trouser (160g)
  • Microfleece (235g)
  • Desert trouser (90 g)
  • Recovery socks (70g)
  • Pass-Mountain (20g)

► Hygiene:

  • Kleenex (80g)
  • Sun Cream (50g)
  • Anti – friction cream (40g)
  • Soap (10g)
  • Earplugs (10g)


► Security:

  • Survival kit (360g)
  • Survival blanket (70g)
  • Venim extractor (80g)
  • Compass (30g)
  • Signalling mirror (20g)
  • Knife (20g)
  • Antiseptic (10g)
  • 10 safety pins (10g)
  • Whistle (8g)

► Nutrition:

  • Food (3 920g)


► Equipment:

  • Olmo 20L Desert backpack + Pack Avant (870g)
  • Sleeping bag Combi-Duvet (660g)
  • Pan (100g)
  • Bottle(95g)
  • Headtorch + 3 battery changes (100g)
  • ESBIT stove x 6 briquettes (40g)
  • 1 drinking bottle (20g)
  • Lighter (65g)
  • Fork and Spoon (5g)

► Repairs:

  • Needle and thread (20g)
  • Fabric patch (20g)
  • Glue (10g)



► Discover our practical guide for races, courses and ultra trails in the desert:

This book is a selection of advice from veteran runners and teammates with a wealth of experience and successes.

The goal is to share the knowledge with anyone who may be entering a desert race in the future or even just dreaming about it.
Written by two runners who completed the Marathons des sables, The Trans'Aq and other non- stop races (333, 678, etc.), these highly experienced, non "professional” athletes give you the tools you need to succeed.

Combining "knowledge" and the "right way", they share with you the experience they have acquired throughout the years from participating in races, reading countless books and from the thoughts and experiences of other desert runners.

Click on the link to discover the new Desert range :


► Click and follow the "Desert Expert Blog" and visit the "Marathon des Sables and Oman Desert Marathon" forum