Programme fidélité

Beneficios del programa de fidelidad RaidLight:

Gana un 3 % de tu compra en forma de crédito de fidelidad RaidLight que quedarán disponibles para tu próxima compra. Benefíciate de envíos y devoluciones gratis. Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter y recibirás ofertas especiales de RaidLight.

Para unirte al programa de fidelidad RaidLight sólo tienes que hacer una compra en nuestra web, automáticamente te sumaremos esos puntos en tu cuenta y podrás aprovecharte de ellos en tu próxima compra.

1 - Aumenta tus puntos de fidelidad RaidLight con tus compras en nuestra web

Por cada euro de compra = 3 % de crédito automático en tu cuenta RaidLight

Ejemplo: por una compra de 100 € en obtienes 3 € de crédito en tu cuenta

2 - Use your reward account points the next time you order!

You can check the balance of your account in the "My Reward Points" section of your account.

To use your points, simply click on "Use reward points" before choosing your payment method.

3 - Conditions of purchase:

The reward points account can only be redeemed fully. It is not possible to choose the number of points that you want to use when ordering.


If the order amount is less than the amount of reward points in your account, surplus points will remain in your account.

Example: For a purchase of 60 € and reward account of 70 €, there will remain 10 € in your account at the end of the order.


4 - Validity of RaidLight reward points:

From 1st August, 2015, the validity period of RaidLight reward points is 12 months from the date of acquisition.


RAIDLIGHT SAS, reserves the right to modify at any time and at its discretion the conditions of allocation and use of RaidLight reward points.


5 - Join Team RaidLight and collect even more points:




You can also get RaidLight Kms by becoming a member of Team RaidLight. The Kms will be automatically credited to your reward account according to the following scale:


100 RaidLight Kms = 3.6 € credited to your RaidLight Rewards account


How to collect Team RaidLight Kms:






  3% of the purchase amount to your reward account



  Free delivery and returns



  A gift on your birthday



  Stand on a podium under the colours of Team RaidLight*.


100 Kms

  Propose a product improvement in the CoLab workshop**


100 Kms

  Start a discussion on the forum


20 Kms

  Like a comment


3 Kms

  Leave a message or comment on the forum or blogs***


5 Kms



* You must be in the first 3 places overall. Women and Men have Independent Rankings.


** One contribution per day maximum.


*** Points limited to a maximum of 3 contributions per day.