Christophe LE SAUX
French 13/06/1972
Christophe LE SAUX
Profile Identity
Name Christophe LE SAUX
Nationality French
Date of birth 13/06/1972

« Dreams are part of life, make your life a dream. »


I was born June 13, 1972 in Revin. It was at the age of 11 years that I put on my first running shoes - in athletics. Quickly my passion developed for long distances.


In 2004 I participated in my first Ultra-Trail which I won in my category. I then contracted the "Ultra Virus" and now, I travel around the world to new playgrounds while organizing workshops to share my passion with other globetrotting runners.


Throughout the trail, I enjoy a sense of freedom in being one with nature, and discover new country's with beautiful landscapes and cultures.



+ 6th at the Transmartinique.
+ Solo crossing the Amazon jungle (153 km, 6250 d +) in 33 hours in total autonomy.
+ 3rd in the Echappée Belle.
+ Solo crossing of the Cordillera Apolobamba and the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, 300 km
(+ 18000m) in 8 days at an altitude between 4000 m and 6020 m.
+ 6th trail adventurers from the end of the Drôme.
+ 25th Madeira Ultra Trail.
+ Winner of the Annapurna Mandala Trail.
+ 13th in the 80km Transgrancanaria.
+ 2nd Columbia Trail Masters (Thailand).
+ 2nd Ultra Trail Mo Shan.


+ 3rd in the Tor de Geants.
+ Winner of the l'UTRB.
+ 6th TDS.


+ 4th at Tor de Geants.
+ Marathon des Sables winning team.