As passionate runners, our goal at RaidLight is to design the best technical products that are lightweight and ergonomic.

• Why lightweight? Every additional 100g that you carry when trail running is an additional load on the legs for every step. If we take a 40Km distance this would amount to approximately 4 tonnes of additional loading on your legs. Take this to the next step and image an additional 500g over 160Km Ultra…. Now you see why lightweight for us and our customers is a necessity not a luxury.

• As for ergonomics. This is the important part of comfort in use. What you wear and what you carry has to fit correctly and work with you, not against you. Uncomfortable products or poorly designed equipment can ruin your race.


As enthusiasts, we are convinced that all trail runners, through their experiences, can contribute to the satisfaction of each and every one of us, whether it is to find the motivation(s), the keys to performance, to provide advice on equipment and also to have ideas for new innovative products.

We are the only brand to fully integrate you into our design processes (to improve existing products or make new innovations), you can share your ideas through our collaborative R&D.


We are also the first trail running community. The Team RaidLight online community houses a forum, personal blogs, expert advice on nutrition, training, and more. You too can join Team RaidLight and be part of the 1st Open to All Athlete Team, because our motivation is here: Share the Trail Running Experience!


It is in this very same philosophy that our headquarters, the Outdoor-Lab, in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, are as close as possible to trail-running and ski touring routes. Come and visit us! Take a look at our R&D facility, an educational space to explain the technologies and materials we use and you can test our products for free!

You can use our products in the environment they were designed for at the Chartreuse Station de Trail (trail running resort) or the Chartreuse Espace Ski de Rando (Ski touring resort).

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