RAIDLIGHT will resole your shoes for LIFE

(RAIDLIGHT SHOES ONLY! Please note soles are not included and cost 15 € / For the lifespan of your shoes)


The procedure :

Several options are available to you regarding the resoling procedure:


You do not have any replacement soles and want to use the resoling service via Raidlight:
Order your soles. They will be sent to you via the post.
Once you receive them please send us your shoes and now outsoles to the address at the bottom of the page with a copy of your order invoice.
Ressoling takes up to 3 weeks once we have received your shoes, we will be in touch when we have dispatched your shoes.


You bought your Raidlight shoes/soles instore and want to resole them through Raidlight:
Send us your shoes and soles to the address at the bottom of this page with a cheque for the shipping costs depending on your location.
If you live in a European country: a cheque for 8€.
If you live in a country outside Europe: a cheque for 20€.


Shipping Address:

Société Raidlight - Service Ressemelage
Chemin de Perquelin
38380 St-Pierre-de-Chartreuse

Warning: the quality of resoling depends on the technician. For this reason, we only guarantee the service performed by a specialist.