advice trail-running


Every race requires a specific race preparation. Each section is dedicated of a specific race, gathering every advices to help you succeed!





advice 40km

What I like about these formats, is that you can run all the way along, recuperate quickly after and not have to do too many training volumes to finish them. And at the same time, it’s already a format that requires thoughtful race management, especially for nutrition/hydration, you’re never at your maximum until the very end and it allows you to enjoy the fast runs without taking too many risks and to enjoy the view at the top. Those kinds of little things are what make the trail very special. It takes the positives of short distances and the long distances!

DORIAN MARCHAL 23 years old – French athlete in the Team Raidlight



advice Ultra

Always warm up, even before an ultra. You need to run according to your rhythm and level, don’t follow another person’s pace. You need to listen to what your body tells you and trust yourself according to your trainings. Remember that if you have a moment “down” it will always come back. Mental is key on those formats, feel free to read and learn the race profile, aid stations. Setting a goal is important and set yourself time goals according to the aid stations. One of the main strategies is to visualize yourself crossing the finish line.

NATHALIE MAUCLAIR - French athlete in the Team Raidlight



advice GRR

Crossing the finish line of the Grand Raid will remain for all an unforgettable moment. When we reach the stadium of La Redoute, everything collapses: we let go, we let ourselves go. There remains the immense joy of having finished it; but also and above all there are the pains, the sufferings, the cracks in the soul... one thing is certain: from this trial, one comes out changed.

ÉRIC B. – Team Raidlight Member



advice desert

Physically, desert races require a hard preparation, that’s why I start it approximately 5 months before racing. I vary my trainings between musculation and running but I also vary the terrains in order to be the most complete. My mental preparation? I imagine myself crossing the finish line in my trainings as well as the day of the race.

RACHID EL MORABITY - Winner MDS since 2011, Winner MDS Perou 2017