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International level runner, Benoit Laval establishes RaidLight, a brand for trail running and adventure racing, born from his passion for the mountains and running, combined with his expertise as a textile engineer (working as a sub contractor to many large sportswear brands). With design and manufacturing skills in one hand and knowledge and experience of the sport in the other he had a desire to make his own prototypes. So. RaidLight began in a garage, with 10 products and 2 trestle tables at races.

Hires the first employee.

Starts exporting products.
First research and development project for Sporaltec, an sporting innovations group.

RaidLight takes on Vertical brand (outdoor and ski).

We were looking for a name to represent lightweight products for adventurers, Internationally recognisable, something with modernity of innovation, a strong dynamic for a global future.

"Raid" is a wink to the origins, Trail Running, Adventure/Expedition racing(this is a "Raid" in French), Orienteering. And "Light" underlining the brands main area of innovation: Designing and developing lightweight equipment for increased comfort of the participants.

The logo is in the style of a compass, the 4 arrows in 4 directions are the cardinal points, symbolising the taste for adventure around the world..
Relocate to Saint Pierre de Chartreuse and opening the first Station de Trail (Trail running resort) in Europe.

Creation of the Trail Running Resort Network, winning Innovation Awards Bref Rhône-Alpes , and the Janus Design award from the French Institute of Design. Creation of the first Espace Ski de Rando (Ski Touring Resort) in Europe.

Creation of the Ski Touring Resort Network.

Creation of "Outdoor INO-Fab", a textile production workshop utilising new technologies in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse.

Rossignol X RaidLight
Rossignol X RaidLight
Team RaidLight
Team RaidLight

The first brand to have a team that is open to all trail runners wanting to promote the brand. RaidLight also allows team members to join in the R&D process through its collaborative design process.

Team RaidLight

Today, we market both on the Internet with a community based website (6,000,000 page views in 2013) and through a network of approximately 500 specialist stores in France. Thanks to our know-how, we also export internationally, which represents nearly 25% of our turnover, with more than 500 points of sale in Europe, and we deliver to more than 70 countries via online sales.

We base our growth on innovation and a strong differentiation of products that must meet the demand to be ergonomic and often lighter than other brands.

Benoit Laval, founder of RaidLight, and Vincent Thibaudat, former general manager, take over the RaidLight and Vertical brands.