RaidLight Trail Running Gear Innovation


RaidLight Design Studio


Every day our team comes together to create the industry leading products that have become essential to so many trail runners around the world. Located in the center of our headquarters is the Outdoor INO FAB or Outdoor Innovative Fabrication Laboratory. Here, our team designs, prototypes, tests, and constructs some of the final products you use everyday.




RaidLight incorporates a family of innovative technologies to bring you market leading products. These technologies are the core of our products that help you move faster, easier, and more comfortably on the trails.

RaidLight MP+ Waterproof and Breathable Membrane DryLight Fabric
Our MP+ Membrane  gives you the protection and breathability you need while on the move in demanding environments We incorporate Recycled Polyester wherever possible to help limit our impact on the places we love Our DryLight Fabric is specifically designed for our desert range of products. Optimal breathability and sun protection allow you to stay comfortable.

Made In France Trail Running Products


In 2008 we began making a special line of Made in France products. In 2015 we further incorporated this into our mission by bring the production of this line to our headquarters in St. Pierre de Chartreuse. Come be our guest in St. Pierre and let us show you where RaidLight products are born.